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The Planning Group intends this document (and the New Business Architecture Web site — http://uc2010.ucsd.edu) to provide a vivid sketch of a new way of conducting the business of the University of California in the future. The recommendations in this report assume our collective ability to transform this vision into action. To move forward, we must commit to the following:

Consultation with campus business officers, Chancellors, and others to solicit ideas about the impact of the New Business Architecture and implementation issue.

Financial strategies that recognize the need to invest in UC's administrative infrastructure and provide a means to:

  • Develop an analysis to determine the magnitude of the multi-year resource commitment required to implement the New Business Architecture;

  • Identify investment priorities;

  • Allocate seed money to fund proof of concept models and prototype development;

  • Ensure the University's long-term commitment to provide the resources required to develop and deploy the systems referred to in this report.
Strong leadership and sponsorship for the guiding principles and strategies proposed in this report from the President, Chancellors and other University leaders at the Office of the President and the campuses.

Strategic investment in training and tools that will enable University staff to become Web-literate, and self-confident working in the new business model.

Support for a culture that rewards innovation and embraces change to continually improve UC business and administrative operations.

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