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UC Employee Systems Initiative (ESI) Overview

As part of the Employee Systems Initiative (ESI) project, plans are already being developed to design and implement several components of the New Business Architecture report. These include the following:

  • Streamlining and simplification of HR and Payroll policies, processes and procedures, leading to the selection and implementation of an HR system

  • Development of the HR and Payroll components of an integrated Business Portal and campus-wide data warehouse
The ESI project will begin with simplification of HR and Payroll policies and processes. Looking first to lessons learned from previous policy and process projects performed at UC, a series of guiding principles for process change will be developed. These principles will be used to identify and categorize system- wide and local-campus policies and processes.

Following the identification stage, the team will work across campuses to streamline and optimize local-campus policies and procedures based on best practices across the UC system. At the same time, the team will be working across the University to synchronize and streamline system-wide policies and processes. The expected outcome will be both process and policy improvements and an understanding of campus and institutional HR system requirements. This will allow the team to evaluate HR solutions in the market place and make recommendations regarding the best HR system strategy to pursue. As part of the second phase of the ESI project a HR system will be implemented across all UC campuses.

At the same time as the policy and process work is being performed, another team will be focusing on developing HR and Payroll components of the integrated Business Portal and institutional data warehouse. The team will begin by developing an HR / Payroll Business Portal Strategy. To aid in the development of the portal, the team will refine UC's HR data warehouse strategy to meet the needs of both system-wide and local-campus needs. Next, a system-wide data model will be developed that accommodates both Business Portal and information reporting requirements at the local-campus and system-wide level. This will allow the team to develop an enhanced corporate HR data warehouse and also to prototype and implement the HR and Payroll components of the Business Portal.

In addition to the above, plans are being made to extend the life of the existing payroll system, PPS. System enhancements will be developed to provide for missing functionality, including unlimited appointments/distributions and effective dated transactions. Also, implementation of an automated time and attendance system is being considered.

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